Fall Tour 2014!

On September 2, 2014

Months of planning and preparation are coming to fruition- it’s almost time for our Fall Tour!

There are so many performances to be excited for on this tour! We’ll be making a big circle through the South and Midwest- check out our shows page for dates.

For the first time in PJB history, on this tour we will be featured on the radio! The station is WDVX in Knoxville on the Blue Plate Special. If you can’t make it to the studio live, you can stream the show online.

For this tour, Cecilia, Chad and I are psyched to be bringing along James Collins on piano and Noah Hocker on trumpet, two fiery young musicians from Philadelphia that we know you will love.

And, the music will include original tunes by Jonathan and Cecilia- that’s right folks, we’ve been flexing our creativity muscles.

Hope to see you and dance with you soon!


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